The Most Hardy Bridal Flowers

The Most Hardy Bridal Flowers

The choice of flowers for any wedding can be daunting. That special day requires advanced planning and the choice of flowers must be part of that sequence. There’s no denying that flowers play an integral role in the wedding day décor. From the bouquet, to the centerpieces, and boutonnieres, plenty of people and things need to pinned with the bloom of choice. But who exactly gets to wear a blossom and how much should it cost to outfit the wedding party, ceremony space, and reception in the proper flowers? Plus, if they are on a budget, getting the hardiest flowers is a smart choice!

We define “hardy” as:

  • Long vase life – fresh cut flowers can live two days or two-plus weeks, we will focus on those with at least a six to seven day vase life
  • Semi-heat tolerant – many fresh cut flowers will wilt instantly when exposed to heat, here we explore options that tend to hold up best in the heat (but keep in mind no cut flower will thrive in the heat for long)
  • Easy to care for – some flowers are shipped in a tight bud form and require special care or handling to bloom properly, the flowers featured below are easy bloomers or shipped in a ready to use form
  • Easy to work with – some flowers require straws, wiring or special care to keep the bloom standing upright, we have decided to omit those from this list as well so that the flowers are both hardy and easy to arrange.

The following list reviews the hardiest wedding flowers we carry:

Chrysanthemums – Better known as Mums and Spider Mums these large blooms are ideal as a focal or an accent flower. They make wonderfully romantic bouquets and arrangements and are available in a wide variety of colors. Their large bloom size fills space quickly and easily.








Daisies and Poms – Daisies and Poms are a spray flower, meaning that they have more than one bloom on a stem; this makes them an ideal filler flower for bouquets and centerpieces. They are very easy to work with and the spray of flowers easily fills in gaps in bouquets or wedding centerpieces.






Peruvian Lilies – Also known as Alstroemeria flowers, these lilies feature three to five gorgeous blooms on each stem making them a wonderful filler flower. Although delicate looking, they are long-lived and available in a wide selection of colors, many with fun stripping or freckled appearances.

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