Fresh Poinsettias are Here!

Fresh Poinsettias are Here!

Our poinsettias are in and absolutely beautiful this year! They are full of color and come in 3 different sizes. They will brighten up any home. Make your kitchen table come alive! Business owners can change the look of their reception area and conference room with a strategically placed poinsettia.

Planning to give a poinsettia as a gift?  We have accents that will make an even greater presentation!  Consider our bow material in various Christmas colors and styles.  Our plastic water trays will keep the flower watered even when you are away for a bit.

Caring for your poinsettia

Find the Ideal Spot

To keep them looking good, give poinsettias a sunny, south-facing windowsill or bright filtered light. Don’t press them close to a cold windowpane however, because this can damage the leaves. Keep them at about 68 degrees F during the day, and cooler at night, to prolong the display.

Watering and Feeding

Poinsettias should be watered regularly and kept evenly moist. Never let plants sit in water; always empty their saucers or planters shortly after watering.

Getting Poinsettias to Bloom Again

With proper poinsettia care after Christmas, you can get a plant to perform again. Water it until mid-spring, then let it dry out and allow the stems to shrivel. Keep it cool. At the end of spring, cut all growth to a couple of inches above the soil and repot it in new soil. Water well and keep it warm, feeding it with houseplant fertilizer when new growth appears. A month later, move the plant outside to a shady location, pinching out the growing tips in midsummer, before returning it indoors. Give it a sunny spot, watering and feeding regularly; then from mid-autumn, keep the plant in total darkness between 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. It will then re-flower and produce colorful bracts.
Top Tip: Leaf Drop

It’s common for a few poinsettia leaves to turn yellow and drop off when you first bring them home. Don’t be alarmed — the plant is just reacting to its new living conditions.

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